Time Tracking. Less Clicks. Earn Points.

Games and rewards for entering your time.

Available anywhere on any mobile or desktop device.


Games and Rewards

The only gamified system that rewards you for entering your time. Join now, earn reward points with every entry. Measure your improvement and compete for top ranking. Two games to start, more coming soon.

  • "Fresh" Point: Enter your time within 2 hours of when the activity ended and receive a point.
  • "Detail" Point: Enter 10 words or more in your note and earn a point.

Just seconds a day


It only takes seconds to enter time or expenses.

  • Dictate notes with your mobile device … less clicks
  • Smart auto-populating time entries … less clicks
  • Add new projects or tasks on the fly … less clicks
  • Quick jump to missing time … less clicks

Show what happened

Attach an image to your entry. Time stamped contemporaneous documentionat (a lawyer's term for "show what happened when you said you did it"). Provide critical proof for internal use, third parties, or support for subsidies like the Canadian SR&ED tax credit.

  • Pictures are proof!
  • Never lose supporting documentation again.
  • Find everything that matters.

Powerful Reporting


You can filter by any detail and if we didn't build in everything you need for executive class reporting, we made it easy to export to CSV (Excel).